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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov 15th Email

Hi I loved your email today! I am loving the work! We are so tired every night it's crazy! I haven't worked this hard EVER in my whole life I think!!! But it's definitely good for me! We are contacting like crazy and serving the members as much as possible, because that's how they get to trust you and give us referrals! It's sweet! I'm loving the mish right now!!!! We are having fun! Elder Jack loves me, he was scared he was going to get some robot missionary!!! Haha! He speaks great English! I am teaching him Twii! Which is funny!

I love Fufu but I have grown to love eggs!!! I seriously love them! I have eaten Cat, it actually is good! Just rough and chewy haha!!! It's really dry and hot in the days and freezing at night! We just chilled today because it was a free P-Day. We just washed and chilled! It's nice to have a free day every once in a while! In my apt there is Me Elder Grant, Elder Fowole from Nigeria and Elder Jack Jack!!! I love it!!! They love hearing stories of home, and pics of the house and family!!!

How is my dog Nike? I got the pkg it was sweet! I love you Mom! I miss you tons! This part of the year the holidays will be the hardest! I miss home and the fam!
I love you Dad and Mom! Peace out, live it up there in the O!

Love you
Elder Speechly

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