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Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14th Email

Hey so it's email time Again!!!!! This week was sweet! We got another 25 lessons and contacted a bunch of new people! We are working very hard. Honestly the hardest I think I've ever worked in my entire life! (besides moving my dearest sister like 100 times move from house to house) Every night when I get into bed and wake up, I feel like it's only been 20 minutes. I am very tired! The sun up here is almost 100% hotter! No Humidity. It's just very hot. Today we played basketball for a couple hrs and I got fried! My district is awesome! I love the Bennett's they are fun to be around! My new favorite elder/best friend is Elder Vanchieire. He is from Lindon and he went to school with the Savage's! He is a really sweet kid. He and Thompson were good friends back home, same mutual friends and stuff. So yeah we will all hang out back home!

I'm stoked to be here! This week we had 10 people again to church on Sunday. It is just amazing powerful stuff. i love this opportunity that I have to be here in Sunyani! It's an amazing experience!

Next P-Day we are going back to the market so if you put some money in my account then I can buy a bunch of souvenirs. kentai ties, wood carvings, drums, all that stuff! Every Elder I have talked to says buy it when you see it because it might not be there the next time. In Kumasi all that stuff we take home is a lot cheaper than in Cape Coast! Also I'm not sure how long I'll be here. I cold go next transfer who knows..... But yeah anybody wants anything let me know. Oh yeah we are getting bikes this week! I'm super stoked!

But yeah I love you all very much and I don't ever want to leave this place! I have been thinking a lot if you should come pick me up. We all have mixed feelings. But yeah we can talk about that later. it's just I think a lot hahahaha! But I'm freaking hungry so I will talk to ya all next week!

Your favorite and best son/brother
Elder Speechly!!!!

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