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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mar 28th Email

This week was sweet! We had our first Unit Conference yesterday with all the units in Sunyani and Pres Sabey. It was real powerful! Then last night we had a fireside which was also very powerful! Things here in Sunyani are just POWERFUL!!!! Haha Also we taught 19 lessons and gave Dora, one of my favorite girls ever, a baptismal date. It is the 16Th of April. So we are shooting for those two on the 16Th. This Baptism will make me cry like a baby! I already know! The thing that honestly is the difference, is that getting member referrals in Fosu were awesome and easy, But when we contact and start fresh with someone it's not EASY At ALL!!!!

I think I've grown a little bit taller and weigh the same. We have been to market a couple times. I have a lot of Sweet stuff, but I need to buy a drum and wood carvings now then I'm finished with all that stuff!!! It's fun!

We played B Ball with the Catholic University today and Whooped them!!!! Haha Vanchiere and I were throwing alley oops and dunkin all over the place! The hoops are like 9 ft. but it's so fun! We had a good time! I'm sunburned! So yeah! I miss fufu a lot! We haven't had it since I have come here. It's just not really big up north I guess but I miss it!

Anyway I Love you all. Keep up Zion in the family and do work!

Love Elder Speechly

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Tina said...

My son Cade recieved his mission call today to the Ghana Cape Coast Africa Mission. He enters the MTC on August 5th. We were searching the net for any information when we came across your blog. I hope you don't mind us looking through some of the information. Your Elder seems to be an amazing young man. I would love to hear from you regarding the mission. Best wishes to you, your family and your missionary. Sincerely, Tina Powers