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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feb 28th Transferred!!!!

Hey so I got emergency transferred up here to Sunyani!!! After 4 taxis and two buses I finally arrived in Fiapre Sunyani! It is AMAZING!!!!!! Honestly it doesn't look like Ghana at all! It is very developed! Everyone speaks English and I mean everyone!!! There is Hotels, Banks, Stores, and Cars and TRAFFIC!!!!!It's a crazy city. It's awesome here \. I'm so excited for this call! It's going to be hard but FUN! The reason it will be hard is because we are starting the church up here fresh! When I say fresh I mean no one has heard it. We have church in our apartment. Elder Hair and Elder Omini have been doing great but they said last week 15 people came to church so we do the talks, the sacrament, the teaching EVERYTHING! We are the branch presidents pretty much! It's going to be sweet! The Bennett's are the couple missionaries up here with us they are so sweet and fun to b around! There are 10 Elders all together and 3 apt. All have their own chapel inside so it's pretty sweet. It's just like the early Saints. Honestly I couldn't have asked to be anywhere else. Elder Alba my new comp is Jack's MTC comp. So he is still young but ready to work hard! There isn't much about people or anything like that because we have just been so busy learning how everything works up here. It's a completely different mission up here! I'm just so happy and excited!!!! It's going to be an amazing experience! So just know that I love you and miss you!!!

Your Son
Elder J Speech

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