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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22nd Email

To whom it may concern haha JK!!!!!
But what up to the best freaking family in the whole world!!!!! I had Malaria AGAIN this week!!! Yay ME!!!!!haha but I was down for about 4 days and this time it was probably the worst on in the weakness category...... I wasn't sick and runny tummy or anything like that. I just felt like I was 147 years old and really cold. Like really cold!!!!!! But yeah just weird this time around. It's all good now don't worry about me!

Oh yeah, we found out small about our new mission president. His name is Pres Shulz. He was born in Ogden. I don't know if anyone knows him, but I guess he is a powerful guy. He already served a couple missions here in Ghana, so he knows a lot about it! It's Sweet!

We when we did finally did get out of the house, we got our sweet new bikes. They are fresh off the chain haha!!!! We are teaching, dropping and contacting. Basically Pres Sabey said if they are not serious in the first 4 lessons drop them and move on! So we have done a lot of dropping. Getting new ones and teaching the good ones! We actually are teaching this guy named Meshack, yes like meshack and shadrack ect. haha!!! Anyway he is basically the most powerful nonmember i have ever met! He just acts like he has heard all of this and it is just making sense to him. It's so awesome !!! He is a very great kid. He is 24 and is just a guy chillin around basically waiting for us to come find him and now we have. Probably the best news I can send you this week is that he is getting BAPTIZED!!!!! I can't believe it! I have had lots of baptisms that have been so great and amazing but for some reason I just can't stop lovin this guy! I feel like he is gonna be the next black 70 or something. He is awesome!!! Sorry I can't shut up about him! I hope Pres doesn't take me out of here for a long time! At least til he leaves!

But we are also teaching a lot of college students which is nice cause they are smart, but they are immature. Which I cant blame them cuz I was and somehow still am!!! Haha They are cool! Our area is very close to the University up here so it's sweet! We had 14 people at church. I gave a talk and felt the spirit stronger again. More than I have on the mission so far. I I don't know what is is up here, but it's just a completely different mission. i Love It!!! I don't want to be anywhere else! Well yeah (big gulps)!

I love you. i wish I could give you a video update. I am sending pics soon. It's hard to find stuff up here. It's just so big!!!! Love Ya and I'm keeping the SPEECHLY name Proud! I Love you and miss you all with all my heart. Your in my prayers every morning and night! Can't wait to talk to you on Mothers Day!!!

Your Favorite son, brother, friend, Uncle ect....
Elder Speechly

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