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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mothers Day Phone Call

It was great to talk to Jeff!!! He sounded so happy and his accent is so cool! He really sounds the same and still says funny things that he has picked up. When he doesn't hear you he'll say "you say?" and for a little he says "small small" He was really cute with his nieces and nephews. They are 3 months -7yrs old. They don't really know what to say to Jeff but we talk about him a lot and they ask when he is coming home! He is a great Uncle and 3 new babies have been born since he left. They always bless that Jeff won't bump into any tigers and wonder what animals he sees. That's what Africa is to them. They can't wait for Christmas cuz that means it's close that he will be home.

He spoke in TWII and bore his testimony to us. He says he doesn't think his personality has changed but he has grown so much and learned so much about the Gospel! He loves his mission and all the Elders so much! He teased that when it comes to knowing the scriptures he is James E Talmage!!!! Haha Not really he said but he feels pretty good about them and is going to study the Doctrine and Covenants a lot this last year!

He misses home but wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world! It was a great phone call and only one more phone call to go! Wow now it's going fast!!!!

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