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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 15th Email

Hey Mom

I'm sorry I didn't email last week. I did read your emails though. This week has gone by really slow!!! It feels like forever since I have emailed!!! Well we got a phone call from Pres Sabey which always freaks you out even though I knew nothing was wrong! He said he wanted the AP's to come up and do splits with us, So we said no problem. Adams came up with us on Sunday. He came to church with us and then went around and met our families, our best investigators! Meshack has commited to being baptized on the 28th! Also another girl named Loryn. We have been teaching her and her sister for sometime. They are so interested! Her sister is just still praying, so I'm sure she will baptized soon. The girl Akua that gave us the sweet taxi story and one other guy named Evans!!!! They are all sweet and powerful peeps! We had an awesome time!!! I enjoyed it!!!

Today we played some sweet games of basketball! I totally threw it down like Dwayne Wade today pop's you'd be proud! I'm getting a lot better and jumping a lot higher. I love it up here I really do. It's just been a rough 3-4 months!!!! It's fum but no one said it was easy though. So no P!!!!!

Tell Gram I love her more than she will ever know and thanks for every little thing she does for me!!!! Also the rest of the family I loved talking to you all. Thanks for the advice and questions and just everything! I love you all and pray for you all!!! Peace out til next week!!!!

Love Elder Speechly

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