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Elder Jeffery Speechly
Ghana, Cape Coast Mission
Cape Coast, Ghana

Monday, July 26, 2010

June 14th

It's really really crazy around here with the World Cup and everything. Ghana beat the U.S. 111 It's fun but our mission goal is to not watch one game and to contact during the games. Then to baptize one of those contacts by Sept. The cars on the roads swerve and honk just seriously crazy things everywhere. people and like everyone is yelling!!! It is hectic!!! Do you remember Ryan Shupe? Do we know him? They are HUGE over here. There is a song called Dream Big!!! That is huge here listen to it it's really good. I've decided I'm growing dreads when I get home! Stats is great ha ha like he is really fine!!! It''s crazy! I need somethings, like my black Nike shorts, Ibu, floss picks, toothpaste, and I lost my CTR ring.:( Grape koolaid and the lemon berry squeeze, it's glorious! Cheese pkg yes!!! Mepacho (means i beg you) haha
We are gong to baptise Green (Eric). He is the last oldest brother of the big family. It will be sweet. We just taught him about the WOW Word of Wisdom. He is kind of a drunk we thought it was gonna be kind of sketchy telling him, but he just put his head down and then at the end he looked up like almost crying and just said thanks Tom and Speech (Our nicknames)so much for everything!!!!! So we are going to have his interview this week and then baptize him in two weeks probably!!!
I swear I'm more hygienic here than I have ever been my whole life. I floss and brush 2 times a day haha crazy!!! But I'm addicted!We had a weird drink that we thought might actually be alcoholic but or branch Pres. said it wasn't. It was called Pito! It was sour and strong and weird haha!!
Well we are going. I hope I get the pkg this week. Thanks for everything Mom I Love You!!!
Love Elder Speechly

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