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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

June 7th

Elder Stats got hit by a car this week! It was crazy!!! He got clipped by a car while riding a bike and it threw him off. He actually can't remember any of it. His comp told us about it. He is ok just stayed in the hospital overnight. He asked me to give him a blessing. My first one. He is doing good though! Teaching is going great! Having lots of fun! I think Thompson and I will go another transfer! Here is some TWI-Obruni chewing gum tauto-white man you have chewing gum on your butt!!!
Saa-is that so? Boko-cool enyeshree-no problem enyet kra-not good at all
We are teaching a lot of future leaders and kids that would maybe go on missions like recent converts. This one guy Castro, he is a really awesome guy. He always has a ton of questions for us and he seems very interested especially after we taught him about the plan of salvation!!! He loved hearing that, which was cool to see him totally change. But now he has to come to church. A lot of the members are starting to call me Speech instead of Obruni which is cool!!!
I got the pkg with drink mixes and shower gel Glorious!!!! but from now on in every pkg I want cheese mix an drink mix. Just cuz their real convenient!
Stats and I are becoming real good friends which is sweet!! The blessing I gave him was really amazing. I don't even remember what I said. The Branch Pres. said that it was amazing , it was truly like receiving revelation. It was sweet, I thank him for asking me. I read a quote by Joseph B Wirthlin it is :" Come what may and Love it!!!" I am going to live my life by this forever!!! It made me think of a scripture D&C 122:7 go read it with dad tonight!!!
I Love the baby he is so cute!!! I love you and we're heading back to market to buy a couple things and then go home to sleep!!! so Thanks and I will talk to you next week! Tell everyone I miss and Love them more than they think!!! But come what may!! I love you! Your son Jeff

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