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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

June 28th

We just got transfer news. Thompson and I are staying together!!! HaHa yeah!!!! Stats is going to Kumasi to train and Adams is training in his area in Cape Coast. That's sweet but we are so HAPPY!!! Six more weeks and then we will probably be split up, but you never know! The pictures are on the way. I sent them but haven't had a chance to get mail for a week or two but I ill get it soon. My hair trimmers are broken. Sorry the internet was down for like 20 min. I'm still here. Do you have the watch I sent home? It's just special to me cuz my first baptism gave it to me. I am learning so much. I know the scriptures good enough to teach and the lessons very well. I really never thought I would like to learn but I love reading and having deep discussions! It's awesome!!! (We asked what the hardest thing for the people he teaches to learn) The hardest thing is nothing. It's either Yes or no for them. It's just a matter of changing their minds! HAHA (We asked if they smoke and drink a lot) There isn't much smoking actually, but drinking is HUGE!!! The funerals are insane, like they last for days and they all drink till they die and then they have a funeral for them. HaHa JK but they do drink a lot!!! (What animals have you seen?) Bull cows, lizards, goats, sheep, snakes, and really big spiders!
One cool experience we had this week. The other night we were going back to the apt. and we were tired so we got in a taxi. Then we realized we needed mac for the cheese pkg haha. Thanks Mom it's the best. Any ways we got out and then Thompson realized he left his scriptures in the taxi and it drove off. We both looked at each other and said well bye. HAHA Then as we were walking back and forth I said "Bro we are missionaries, lets pray!" so we prayed and like ten min. later the taxi stopped and said we had left our bag in there. Then gave us a free ride back to the apt. We contacted the guy for a lesson!!! HAHA yeah pretty sweet!
Well my time is about up so thanks. I can't wait for next week! Love You!!!
Your son Elder Speechly

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