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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nov 28th Email

Hey Family! What's up?!!!!!

As for me I'm just kickin it here in Suny Town GH!!!!!! Just enjoying life! We are staying busy and just doing work! We had a baptism on Saturday that just happened! Our man was beggin to be baptized and it just worked out. He is a very powerful guy. Just ready to learn more. We have a lot of really great inestigators right now! So yeah it's crazy!

I'm still somehow shocked that Sammy is having another baby and moving! It's just crazy! I'm super stoked for them right now! I'm excited for Christmas! I'm excited for my package! I could use money it's always good! I ate my Thanksgiving meal in one day! We are planning our Christmas party for the branches and it will be sweet!

I guess you didn't get the pics. I sent them so I don't know? I wait a little longer and if you don't get them I'll send them again after Christmas! This keyboard really sucks! I'm sorry but I'm on it! I gave the material to Stats so he has it!

I love you all! I'm out of time so sorry but next week I will write a better one I promise!

Elder Speechly

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