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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dec 12th Email

A Great and Marvelous Journey!!!!

What's up Family and Friends? This is your boy Elder Speechly reporting live from the beautiful and dusty Sunyani Brag-Ahafo Ghana!!!!

This week was totally hectic but it was a complete success and a whole lot of fun!!!
We started off the week by going to ZL council! Waking up at 5 on Tuesday morning and headed to the Metro Mass station to travel to Kumasi. My comp and I got to Kumasi really early so we just walked through the heart of the city. It's been awhile since I have been there so it was cool to see everything again. Kumasi is just so big . It's tight and super busy! Then we met up at the STC Station with the other ZL's Elder Briggs, Elder Hernandez, Elder Alba, and Elder Halimariam! 4 of the 6 of us are from Utah, the big 801!!!! We got on the bus and traveled down to Cape. Spent the night in the mission home and enjoyed a sweet dinner and sweet air conditioning (very cold) Haha. We had a sweet breakfast and then the meeting started. When the other ZL's got there we learned how to be good leaders and discussed where our mission needs to go and all that good stuff. It was a powerful day! Then after the meeting it was about 12 so we ate lunch and just kind of cleaned up and got ready to head back home to Sunyani! (7 hr bus ride) Haha! But the Ap's told up they were coming to Kumasi so we rode with them which was tight. I rode shotgun and talked with Adams the whole ride home it was EPIC! We drove through Abuasi a place they just opened up. I met Elder Lawton also my really good friend on mish. It's mim and Adams and I now!!!!! Yeah so we got to Kumasi really late so we decided to sleep at the Bantama Apt! So that was just another big sleepover with the Kumasi ZL's and the AP's! Then Thurs morning we woke up, jumped on a bus and rode home to good ol Sunyani!!!!! We were both dead....(running on like 5 hrs sleep in the last 4 days) but we had to catch up on all our investigators so we jumped right on it again!!!!! Did Work!!!!!Then yesterday the AP's and Pres Shulz and Sis Shulz came up to Suny town to do some Branch Training with all the leaders up here. That was right after church and then after that meeting was a meeting with the missionaries and the then after that he interviewed some of us. We were at the church from 8 AM til 9 PM. It was a crazy long day but SWEETO!!!!!! Haha so yeah we still taught 15 lessons and set a baptismal date with 3 people for next Saturday!!!! So even though we were super busy we still did work!!!! I absolutely loved this week. I might have to say it was one of the best weeks of my mission!!! Brown and I are loving life and doing the work .! What can I say more.(Jacob 6:12)

I love you all!!!!
Elder Jeff Speechly

P.S. They said we could skype for Christmas which would be tight but the cafe's up here are not good enough and it totally kills the mood and all the emotions in the call. So I vote on just calling but you can hit me up next week with your input Thanks!!!! Nothin but Love!!!!!

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