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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Neat Story

We just went to Hawaii for our first time and this story happened while we were there. I told Jeff and I wanted to share it on here. We were in Oahu and it was crazy because APEC was going on the exact time we were there. Pres Obama came and left on the same day we did! He was staying across the street from our hotel! Well we got out of Waikiki and went up to go to the Polynesian Cultural center and the Temple. After the temple we went to lunch. We were checking our emails and there was a email from my MM website frm a woman in Hawaii whose son was going to West Africa Benin on his mission. I said to Brent I wonder if that's the town we're in? I wasn't sure. We got in the car to go to the PCC and realized we didn't bring our sunscreen! We pulled into a store and I ran in. I got in line and the woman behind me said to the woman in front of me Hi son just got his call to Africa! I wasn't sure if that's what she said but I waited then said Did you just say your son was going to Africa? She said yes! I said My son's in Africa! She said hers was going to Benin. I said mine was in Ghana. I told her I just read on the website that someone from Hawaii just got his call and she said that was me. She asked my sons name. I told her she said I just read your blog this morning!!!! I couldn't believe it! She said yeah and he said have fun in Hawaii and here you are in foodtown! Oh my what a small world!!!!! I went out to the car and told Brent he said your lying! Then her daughter walked by the car and waved! He said really that just happened. Then she walked by and waved! Wow the church is true!!! Haha but really it was amazing!!! To travel that far from home and just be in the right place at the right time. Tender mercy's of the Lord!

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