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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aug 25th Email

Hey Familly!!!!!

So I got a lot of things to say today! It's been a hectic 10 days or so.....

First off I am not coming home on the 20th haha. It's back to the normal February 5th! Long Thursday night Pres. calls me and says Speech I know we said everything was great and all we had to do was the paper work. But I have lost sleep and I woke up this morning thinking that I will need you here and our Heavenly Father needs you here at the time the most. So I said ok no problem I'm fine with that! Then he said I also want you to know that I will need you because I want you to train a new missionary again! I have a second son haha! So yeah transfer news was not til Monday so he said I was to keep it quiet til then. It tore me up inside haha jk. So yeah Bond went out train in Sekondi, Stats old area. So the other two in my apt left as well so it's just me and my greenie from now on!

My son is from Auburn Washington! He is a straight redneck but I love him. He is way funny and out going which is great. We are getting along great! He is young just barely turned 19 and is sweet kid! He has a pretty serious girlfriend so he doesn't stop talking about her! But I will work him so hard he'll forget about her haha! No we really are gonna enjoy each other. He reminds me of one of the Halverson's except just a slight more HICK!

I'm really excited to train again. I think I will be with him til the end of my mission and "Die" here in good old Mankessim!!!! I Love the members here and just the people in general. I love this town. We are about 10 minutes in land so we can go to the Coast whenever we want!!! Hahaha But yeah we are busy and he will enjoy being a DL'S comp haha he will think it's crazy especially because it's so hectic already! But we're on it!

So we played basketball on Monday and sent Bahme home and then got the call and we were just busy on Monday. Then Tuesday after district meeting I was planning on emailing like usual but we had random transfers and I had to wait in Cape to pick up my son and see my first son Jack up to Kumasi. I probably wont see him before I go home! I will miss that kid!

So Yeah even right now I don't have time to talk so much. I'm in a hurry. Just wanted to let you know the new crazy news. Hahah So I love you! Thanks for everything! Can't wait for my Bday pkg. I'm excited and the money is really in need! I love you and Thank you I will make sure and talk to you Monday with better details on everything!

Elder Speechly "Baby Jet" Speechly

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