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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aug 16th Email

Hello Everybody!!!!!

I miss Nike!!!! (the Dog) Every time I hear his name I just wanna fall to my knees and cry haha jk but seriously I miss him,. Dogs here are so small and annoying! So give him a big hug for me and tell him I miss him and I'm comin home soon!

So I did talk to Pres Shultz about coming home and he is fine with it. Just like you said , so that was Tues and everything just felt right. I have been praying and fasting and it just seems like the right thing for me... Then on Saturday morning I got a phone call from President saying that he thought it would be this simple just change flight and all the travel stuff. then go home but now I'm supposed to talk to you and send this today and you need to reply today so that I can come back tomorrow to see it and then call him with more feedback and my final verdict. So yeah I'm here..... for me like I said I just don't want to come home and fall behind. When I'm busy I am fine. It's a long time to wait for school. Also I've been praying and fasting and it just feels right to me. So yeah I need you to talk about it and get back to me today!!!

Monday we went to Takoradi to play football. It was fun just a really long traveling day. I hate traveling!!!! We won and I was the keeper. I'm getting pretty good!

Tuesday District meeting REMIX!!!! haha Pres Shultz came to our district meeting to see how things are going and I instructed on the Doctrine of Christ. The the AP's gave small instruction then Pres said some things. It was nice after we talked about going home and it was sweet talking to him. He loves me and I love him! He really really likes me haha!!!

Wednesday-Normal day. I'm in my area Do Work SON~!!!

Thursday-I went to do interviews in ABAKRAMPA a small village and did work there!

Friday Normal day!

Saturday went to Cape Coast to play a football match with some school team. The ZL's hooked up for us. It was fun! Then Pres called.

Sunday was a great Sabbath Day. I fasted and it felt good! Visited some members and Got Some FUFU!!!HAHA

Monday-we went down to Cape to play basketball and tear it up. I played so good! I always do when Adams is there! We just play with chemistry! It's sweet!!!

Today-District meeting. We had goodbye testimonies from Elder Bahme and Elder Hancey. They are both sweet guys!

This mission is about to be flipped upside down! 20 missionaries are going home on Monday and 18 are coming in!!!! It's going to be insane! Transfers are Monday . I will let you know about those!

So Yeah I guess I will write you again tomorrow. Peace out! I need details and feedback thanks!

Love you and Miss you!!!

Your favorite son/missionary!
Elder Speechly

Hey Mom!!!

Thanks that really helps me out a lot! It was basically what I know you were gonna say but is needed! I think I am the only one from my group. Everyone else went to a little bit of school before! I would leave the 20th of Dec. So just start looking into getting school started and register and all the jazz!

Other than that my debt card expires Oct. so I don't know what you need to do but just warning you.

Thanks for your support and I will let you know soon on the final verdict! Love you ll and miss you!

Elder Speechly

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