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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sept 27th Email

Hey FAMDIZZLE!!!!!!!

Whats up? Haha just the same here! I just got Freakin Malaria again!!!! Well at least I think it was. Like it was the same symptoms except I wasn't nauseous. Just really tired and weak...but yeah I'm totally fine now! That was like Wednesday til Sunday! I couldn't go out in the sun. I would get really light headed! So I just listened to Sis Shulz and drank plenty of water and slept it off. Now I feel like 100 Cedis haha not bucks, Cedis hahah So no news on my part really..... Sorry!

Oh but Sunday after church we got back to the house and looked at our thermometer and it said that it was 112 degrees!!! We were dying Ha! It was probably the second hottest day of my mission! The first was up in Suny Town when Alba and I rode those bikes to that University and just died! That was fun thought! I didn't think it really got that hot here but it does! I read it with my own eyes!

I had the Frey stuck in my head while I was sick! I freaking miss them! Have they come out with a new cd or any new songs? I love those guys. I miss music! It's ok because just as you said 4 more months!!!! What the????!!!! I can't believe that! I keep telling my son, Hunt all these sweet stories from early on the mission! When I was with Thompson and it's crazy how long ago that really was! I miss him! I miss Fosu! I miss Suny Town! But I think Mankessim is my favorite place I have been. I don't really know why really it's not much different that Fosu. I just have true honest love for this area! Not that with the others I didn't but it just seems a little more real! I don't know how to explain it!

Mom I want to send some stuff with Thompson or Stats. So whatever? I will just need some money to buy the fabric. I want to get some for you and the girls too! I have ties for all the guys! It's crazy I am getting so ready to come home. But at the same time it kills me to leave here! I absolutely love it here! But we have to come back!

I'm stoked that you are going to Hawaii! I'm jealous! Freak that's awesome! But whatever I guess you deserve it Hahaha! You both do. I love you both so much. I can't begin to say that I wish before my mission I would have spent more time with you and my freaking awesome sisters. I was an arrogant prideful sack of crap! Haha I'm sorry. I love you all!!!! Grammy too!! I miss her Mexican food so much! Bean Burritos!!! And just her teaching me every second of every day how to become the man I should be!!!! And Grandma Ruby her wonderful heart. Always wanting me to learn and not make the same mistakes her Son(pops) made haha jk pops just giving you crap! To my BIL's man I miss kickin it with you getting in to some trouble but nothing serious! Just being brothers, I never had til you married my sisters! But I just want every single one of you to know that if it wasn't for you, my family, I wouldn't be here so thanks! I love you!!!

Yeah I guess that's it for this week! Get Some!!

Your Favorite son/brother/granson/uncle/friend/missionary
Elder Jeffery Brent Speechly

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